Energy plus through Solar panels (SP)

A highly insulated house including low energy heating and low energy electrical appliances combined with sufficient solar panels, results in a zero energy or even an energy plus house.

In total, 52 SP were installed on three different roof surfaces with a total peak power of 16.5 KWh (22 SP on the East roof, 10 on the South roof of the garden/work center and another 20 SP on the West roof of the house). As a result, the solar energy is captured throughout the whole day and converted into electricity. The SP’s are monochrome panels of the EXEC SOLAR brand that provides a 15-year warranty against construction defects and a 25-year power warranty. They are 320W peak power spit cell panels that accommodate twice as many cells as a standard panel. This increases the efficiency of each SP.

Three SMA converters are used. Two duo string of 4KWh 3 phases (Tri power 4.0) that each serve the two groups of the East and West roof. A smaller SMA Sunny Boy mono string of 2KWh converts the direct current from the 10 SP on the South roof into alternating voltage. The 3 SMAs are connected to the electricity grid with a total capacity of 10KWh distributed over the 3 phases. They are connected to the internal internet so that you can follow up the solar production via your PC or your Smart Phone. They are also monitored daily by the company SMA. If there is a problem with one of the converters, a message is automatically sent to the owner.