Internet and cable TV


We have opted for maximum Internet cabling.

Every room has at least one internet connection, with the exception of the common areas. For example, there are by definition 2 connections provided in the bedrooms. In the office there are 4. There are 3 connections for the Audio / Video installation in the living room. Even one connection is foreseen into the kitchen.

In total, more than 400m high speed internet cable has been installed, which lead to 40 connections that are connected to the VOO modem via a 48-port high-speed switch.

The cameras have their own POE network switch that is directly connected to the VOO modem.

This is also the case for the video intercom with its outdoor camera and its video screens.

Cable TV

In the rooms where there is an internet connection, there is also a coax cable TV connection. These are connected via two 8 channel amplifiers to the VOO cable TV connection.