Security and protection

A beautifully finished and luxurious residence located in a quiet neighborhood is very enjoyable to live in, but is also a potential attraction for professional unannounced people with maybe not always pure intentions.

Adequate and proactive anti-theft protection is therefore necessary and has been realized by:

Camera surveillance

There is both an outside and an inside camera surveillance. It concerns high resolution cameras of 4M pixels from the top brand Dahua (world leader number 2 in video surveillance) with night vision. Four cameras are outside around the house, 2 of which are visible from the street so that any unnecessary visitors are already deterred.

Four inside the house (corridor East, corridor North, living room and garage).

These 8 cameras are connected via a POE (Power on Ethernet) switch to a VCR containing a 4TByte recording disk. This can be read out via the PC, the TV or your Smart Phone. They can be adjusted to determine when to start registering movements.

Wherever you are, you can keep an eye on your home both the outside and the inside.

Outside LED lights

The house is surrounded with motion triggered LED lights. As soon as they detect a movement during the night, they switch on demotivating already unwanted visitors

Alarm Central

The integral ground floor is monitored via an alarm central from the leading manufacturer Satel.

When the alarm central is activated, the 6 movement detectors (garage, corridor North, office, corridor East, living room and cloakroom) generate an alarm with every movement on the ground floor. This activates both the indoor and outdoor sirens. An SMS will also be sent to the predefined recipients.

Furthermore, all doors and windows on the ground floor, including the garage gate, are equipped with a magnetic contact so that the alarm is triggered when unauthorized opening and the alarm central being active.

The outdoor alarm siren is installed at a height of 6m. Furthermore, a second large visual siren has been mounted on the top of the front of the garage. This is immediately visible from the street and also deters potential unwanted visitors.

There are 2 key keypads for the (de) activation of the alarm system. They are situated both in the entrance the East and the North corridor.

Furthermore, there are also 4 Proxi tags that you can put in your wallet and which automatically deactivate the alarm when you enter the house.

The Satel alarm central is also connected to the internet and has its own power back-up battery so that it continues to work during a short power outage.

All detectors and magnetic contacts are physically wired so that it is impossible to deactivate the control panel via scanners.

Smoke detectors

There are 2 heat / smoke detectors on each floor. They respond to excessive heat as well as smoke. They are directly connected to the Satel Alarm Central so that the main alarm is triggered in the event of overheating or start of fire. Even if you are not at home, you will be automatically and immediately notified via SMS. In addition, the 6 heat / smoke detectors get their power supply from the alarm central. No more hassle because of the need to change the batteries regularly.


A high-resolution videophone is attached to the left side of the entrance gate on the bridge so that every visitor can register. Four separate bells are provided, each of which can have its own assignment (e.g. private, business, top apartment, work center, etc.)

There are 2 separate POE internet connected video screens, one in the office and one in the living room of the second floor. These make it possible to communicate visually with the calling visitor and to open the North front door electrically. This also via your Smart Phone or tablet so that you have access anywhere in the world with whom is ringing the bell.